CBD Massage Candle – Lavender and Rose

Badlands Hemp CBD Massage Candles are perfect for boosting your mood, special romantic occasion, or setting the vibe of the room. Light candle with purpose and enjoy the beautiful aroma that fills the room. When the candle becomes liquid, it can be safely used on the skin for deep moisturizing and nourishing support. These handmade candles use our solventless full spectrum CBD oil that we make our topical products and salves with. These candles are vegan. 4 ounce candle.


(All certified organic) Soy wax, hemp flower, hemp seed oil, sunflower lecithin, coco butter, shea butter, lavender essential oil, rose essential oil.


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As with any CBD product or nutritional supplement, these statements have not been evaluated by the United States Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to treat, cure, or prevent disease. Seek guidance of a medical professional before beginning any supplements. Women who are pregnant, nursing, or may become pregnant should not use this product. Keep out of the reach of children. 

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