Fierce Tiger Balm

This hot and spice topical balm is a version of the tried-and-true Chinese ointment called Tiger Balm, which started showing up in health food stores decades ago for joint pain relief, headache, and then some. The basic principle behind the ointment is to help move qi and get the blood flowing to areas of pain so healing can take place. This blend is made with a high dilution of warming essential oils, as it is only meant to be applied to areas of pain. Do not get too close to your eyes. Available in 0.5, 1, and 2 ounces.
A lot of hemp extract is used when making this product. It’s dark in color and needs to be rubbed in well so it doesn’t get onto clothes.
 *Beeswax, *menthol crystals, *hemp extract, *eucalyptus, *peppermint, *cinnamon leaf, *clove bud, *ginger, pure chili seed, *hemp flower, *hemp seed oil, and *sunflower lecithin.
*Certified Organic.


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